So who are all the folks involved in Cheap Astronomy?

Steve Nerlich
Writer, publisher and host of the Cheap Astronomy podcast, Steve is also the operator of Sky Station 1—possibly the cheapest department store telescope in the Southern Hemisphere. He occasionally trials advanced squinting techniques in an attempt to gain a view of the Orion Nebula similar to the image below. To date, Orion still looks like a fuzzy white smudge through Sky Station 1, but for Steve resolving a fuzzy white smudge on the smell of an oily rag is what it’s all about.

If pushed, Steve will grudgingly acknowledge he also created the Cheap Astronomy website using a laughably out-dated (but surprisingly inexpensive) authoring package. If pushed to suggest when the website might be upgraded, he squints.

A Particularly Cheap Astronomer                                                          The Great Orion Nebula—M42 










If your research budget gets cut, talk to this man.                                                   Otherwise, try Dan Verschatse Observatorio Antilhue - Chile



An astronomy podcaster in her own right (if she doesn’t break her brain trying to figure out the math), Julia also regularly helps out with the narration of the Cheap Astronomy podcast.


When it comes to astronomy, Julia has what it takes.  Well, except for living in Adelaide, where if there’s anything interesting to look at in the sky, you can guarantee it will be cloudy.








Proud owner of a VMT (Very Medium Telescope)



Duranee is a key partner in Cheap Astronomy’s international podcasting collaboration—that ain’t no Oztraylian accent.

Barry Haworth

Ever since watching the moon landings when he was six, Barry has been interested in space and astronomy, but although he's read a lot of science fiction and astronomy books he never got to be an astronaut or an astronomer. 


Instead he works as a statistician, does amateur theatricals, reads a lot of science fiction (& astronomy) books and dusts off the binoculars every now and then.





Barry (middle) plays a wise man following a star in a local production of Rock Nativity.

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